Chicken tikka masala

Treat your tastebuds with marinated roasted chicken chunks dipped in spiced gravy

Treat your tastebuds with marinated roasted chicken chunks dipped in spiced gravy

Treat your tastebuds with marinated roasted chicken chunks dipped in spiced gravy

Well, chicken is one such ingredient that is high in protein content and is mostly a preferred ingredient among the non-vegetarian eaters. The best part about the ingredient lies with the fact that it can be prepared in multiple ways and can also be infused with different varieties of flavours. Similar is the case with the very exotic and mouth-watering dish; CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA. It is one such dish that requires high class cooking skills similar to that of a world-class chef. Indian cuisine has been an attraction all across the globe especially the spice lover out there reading this piece of article at the moment. Thus, a dish that requires such intricate expertise and elegance needs to be from a place that offers every other thing that goes behind the preparation of such traditional Indian dish.

For that matter, if you fortunately happen to be a residing in and around Balham, you are in no doubt at an advantageous position. ‘Thali and pickles’ is in all probability the go to place for you to get your hands on some aromatic, flavourful and well-prepared Indian cuisine. If you are someone eagerly seeking for authentic Indian food outside India, in Balham, both in terms of taste and quality, you can just not prevent from visiting the restaurant or from ordering your meal from the place to get the taste of traditional Indian food. To add, if papadoms and chutneys are a thing to suit your tastebuds, you should definitely visit us as we serve them for free. Some of the chicken preparations that are the most sought after at our place is the chicken tikka jalfrezi, chicken korma, nawab kabab platter, tandoori murgh. Apart from these basic Indian chicken preparations, there are many more that our menu has to offer to delight you each time you avail of our services.

Through this article, we intend to take our readers across a culinary journey that goes behind preparation of the very famous chicken tikka masala and also help you trace down the history of the dish. To begin with, though being an Indian preparation, the dish is claimed to have three origination points. Different critics debated on the issue with no fruitful results could be ended up on. Firstly, it is believed that it originated back in the year 1971 from the state of Punjab which is a part of India. A very renowned food critic named Rahul Verma relied on his testimony that the dish is a Punjabi cuisine that had undergone certain improvisations with time and led to what it is today. There is another opinion that claims that the dish came into existence when a British national order for spicy gravy on the bare dish of chicken tikka. Thus, both opinions hold their respective relevance but the actual story behind it is yet to be denoted.

In spite of having been typically an Indian based dish, it has gained quite some relevance in Britain. They treat the dish as being their national though that’s not really the fact. The dish is sold in several parts of Britain and with that comes the popularity of the dish. But is it not important to know the procedure that goes behind the hard preparation of the dish? If yes, there we have for you the ingredients and the precise preparation procedure of roasted marinated chicken chunks covered in spiced gravy. The preparation mechanism mainly holds three different aspects of culinary expertise, such as marination, roasting and finally the spiced gravy. To be precise, the marination is followed by the roasting and then finally the gravy comes into the picture that gets you salivating every time you think of it. 


The ingredients for the marinade:

  •              4-5 boneless chicken breasts cubed

    ·         1 and ½ Cups yogurt

    ·         2 Tablespoon finely chopped fresh ginger

    ·         2 teaspoon ground cumin

    ·         2 teaspoon cinnamon

    ·         3 teaspoon chili powder

    ·         2 teaspoon fresh cracked pepper

    ·         Salt to taste

The ingredients for the gravy:

  •         8 oz tomatoes puree

    ·         1 and 1/2 Cups heavy cream

    ·         2 finely chopped garlic cloves

    ·         2 finely chopped red chilies

    ·         2 teaspoon ground cumin

    ·         2 tea spoon chili powder

    ·         1 Tablespoon ghee or clarified butter

    ·         Salt and pepper as per preference


For the preparation methods:

  • Marinade the chicken chunks with the ingredients of the marinade in a bowl big enough to hold both the items.
  • The marinated chicken is to be covered and left into the fridge for a minimum of 1 hour, the longer time you refrigerate, the better it is in terms of taste and texture.
  • Preheat a coal burner and get the chicken chunks roasted till it gets soft and moisture gets infused
  • For the gravy, hot some butter or ghee in a pan and drop in the raw spices and leave them to crackle, following the crackled add tomato puree and the ground spices along with salt to taste.
  • The last and the final step would be to add the roasted chicken chunks after the gravy has come to a boil
  • Garnish the dish with heavy cream and you are all good to go to serve it piping hot

The recipe in itself must have got your tongue drooling to taste the exotic flavours of the dish has to offer.

Indian cuisine never fails to leave happy faces after it has been tasted and relished. Thus, it is recommended that you do not miss out on the interesting offer that thali and pickles have to offer. Avail yourself of the chicken tikka masala from thali and pickle ang treat your taste buds with the joy of relishing authentic Indian flavourful cuisine that you can definitely not miss out on. With us, your experience is all that we value and so do visit out stores or even order online and we are always ready to serve you the best of Indian food you can think of outside India. 

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